TK Totems and Custom Signs

Welcome to TK Totems

TK Totems began as a hand crafted gift for a friend. A custom totem was designed that included a sign for each of the locations where we had shared an adventure. The sign included the name of the place and the distance from home to that location. After each new adventure, a new sign is added to the totem. The totem was displayed by the fire pit for friends and family to enjoy. As time went on the idea caught on, others wanted their own custom totem. TK Totems was born.

Along with the totems TK Totems will make custom hand crafted signs, personalized signs or you can order one of the signs we carry in our inventory. If you can think it, we can put it on a sign. All signs are made using premium exterior paint to ensure they can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, all stained wood and distressed signs are treated to ensure they are weather resistant.

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